When you move well, you are well. 


Learn more about how we work with your whole medical team to put your quality of life at the forefront.

It’s time your body started working for you, 
not against you. 

We use the best available research and techniques, along with our diagnostic ultrasound to understand why and how your pain is affecting your quality of life. 


Then we work to fix it. 


Sometimes we get all the way there, sometimes we focus on ensuring it doesn’t get worse while you wait for surgery, sometimes we refer you to the person who can do it better than we can. 


Our job is to be a part of your team than decreases your pain,
and helps you stay that way.


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Isn’t your health worth a conversation?

Natural Pain Management

Pain management isn’t just cortisone injections, strong medications or surgery. Pain management is also muscle work, tendon or ligament repair and regenerative therapies that help the area of injury repair.
What we use depends on you, your pain, and your history. 

We Want To Understand

Seeing is knowing.
We don’t kid ourselves when it comes to understanding the source of your pain. We always ask for imaging and for your history so that we can understand. This also helps us communicate with other members of your team so we’re all on the same page.

Following the Research

We’re an evidence first clinic. New research is constantly emerging, and we tailor it to you.  Not every person gets the same recommendation – we’re all different! Our job is to find you the most effective route to improving your quality of life so you see results faster.  


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Isn’t your health worth a conversation?

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