The Six Women’s Health Trends To Pay Attention To In 2019

Dec 11, 2018

Dr. Ben Connolly

Dr. Ben Connolly


1. Wearable Tech Becomes the Norm

If you haven’t already noticed, the wearable tech industry is growing exponentially year over year and this year it’s going to explode. If you’re a numbers nerd and you love the data than you probably already have at least one if not two pieces of wearable tech. Wearable tech is ranging from your Apple watch to your fit bit, but also clothing. More and more companies are creating clothing with technology already built in such as the Nadi X yoga pant which has built-in haptic vibrations at your knees and hips to help you keep poses or to move.

2. Eco-keto will replace the conventional ketogenic diet (plant-based keto)

Keto was the nutrition buzzword of 2018, and for good reason. There is a ton of research supporting ketogenic nutrition for weight loss as well as brain health. However, most people do keto incorrectly, over-consuming meat and protein while under eating the necessary fats and missing out on adequate vegetables. Hence the rise of eco-keto. Eco-keto is plant-based ketogenic nutrition, which incorporates large amounts of low carb veggies as well as vegetarian sources of protein.

3. nootropics will be the norm for boosting your brain health

Everyone is looking for that edge to increase our brain function and before we would have thought the only way to do this was to take prescribed medications for ADD or ADHD or to take performance-enhancing drugs. However, with more and more research coming out you’re going to see more and more nootropics which essentially are a class of drugs, supplements, and herbs which increase cognitive function and performance. Think of them as steroids for your brain. Herbs such as Bacoba and Gingko will be showing up more as well as supplements such as alpha GPC and ketones.

4. skin health becomes more than just skin deep

The skin health industry is alive and well with reported growth year over year in both product numbers as well as revenue. However, there is a growing trend of treating the root of skin conditions and problems. More and more people are wanting to address why they have a skin condition in addition to covering it up with products. As with most health conditions, it starts from the inside, and as any good doctor will tell you, your skin health is a reflection of your internal health. Thus if you are looking to clear up your skin than we have to clean up your nutrition and get your digestive health on point.

5. device orientated hormone tracking & point of care

The number of apps for cycle tracking has grown, and some are certainly better than others. However, in 2019 these apps are going to be able to do more with device orientated hormone tracking. Companies such as Cue are developing technology which would allow individuals to test hormone levels as well as various other blood markers from the comfort of their own home. No longer will you have to visit your doctor to get your blood tested.

6. micronutrients

We all know we have to eat carbs, fats, and protein, however, an increasing number of us are educating ourselves on the importance of micronutrients which we require such as magnesium, zinc, selenium, and iodine. These micronutrients play massively important roles in the human body ranging from thyroid function to muscle relaxation. No longer are recommended daily intakes sufficient, people are looking for optimal levels for themselves.

extra: the rise of the digital detox

With our wearable tech, cell phones and being inundated with screens and constantly being connected, it has driven us to become disconnected with ourselves and often with what is important. Digital detox is a term which describes removing oneself from all connected technology and media. This involves putting away and turning off cell phones, connected watches, all computers and tablets, streaming media and TV. This means getting back to your roots, cooking in the kitchen, going camping and sleeping under the stars and reconnecting with what is truly important.


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