Prolotherapy is highly effective for that back pain which has been nagging you for a while and has now stopped you from doing any of the extras around the house or at the gym. You have probably chalked the pain up to getting older but there is a way to help manage that pain and strengthen your back.

Most of us past a certain age will have some degree of degeneration in the spine that shows up on imaging. If this causes no pain then it is not a cause for concern but if you are experiencing pain there are non-surgical interventions that can help. Another common cause of back pain is disc herniation. Many believe that the only intervention for disc herniation is surgery but depending on the degree of herniation there can be other interventions. Many times it is weak ligaments surrounding the disc space that precedes herniation.

Prolotherapy is an effective non-surgical treatment for back pain that manages pain and strengthens the tendons and ligaments around the spine. Prolotherapy is a combination of dextrose and a numbing agent (often procaine) that when injected into the site of injury causes an inflammatory reaction. This inflammatory reaction is part of the body’s natural healing cascade, which brings healing tissue to the site of injury to heal any laxity or damage to surrounding ligaments and tendons.

When the tendons and ligaments are stronger this takes the additional pressure of the spine and reduces wear and tear between the vertebras. Prolotherapy can also increase stability and improve your range of motion. With some exercises to strengthen the muscles along your spine along with prolotherapy, you can maintain a strong spine throughout the ageing process.

If you are interested in prolotherapy book in for your initial pain consult today to discuss all your options. Let us get you back to pain-free living.

Prolotherapy in Halifax


Dextrose Prolotherapy for Unresolved Low Back Pain: A Retrospective Case Series Study

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