The ageing process is, at this point unavoidable but there are definitely ways to rebel a little against the process.

When we are young usually one of the last things we think about is the ageing of our skin because those days in the sun are just too funny. But it is something that should be considered, a good skin care routine, clean sheets, and sunscreen should be solidified as a must even at a young age. As we move into our 20s collagen starts to decrease and we slowly lose it over time from then on. Collagen is the key to the firm, taught, elastic skin and as it decreases wrinkles and fine lines start to evolve.

Although micro needling may seem like a drastic option at a younger age it may be the foundation for preventative ageing. Not only can micro needling be preventative it can also help rewind the clock on some of your current fine lines and wrinkles.

The micro needling process involves the rapid movement of fine needles that puncture the epidermis. Trust me that sentence sounds much worse than it is. It is minimally invasive and mostly just leaves the skin red after treatment. When the needles puncture the skin our bodies natural healing processes take over. The body stimulates growth factors and collagen to go to the area and start the healing process. Having more collagen in the area builds up the skin and visibly reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Microneedling is showing benefit in the research for a variety of skin conditions from acne scarring (click link another article) to discolouration. It is a great way to boost collagen deep in the skin layers, which is difficult to do outside of injection therapy.

If you are curious about micro needling and want to know more we at Cornerstone offer free 15-minute skin consultations to get to the root of any skin issues you are experiencing. We have the latest in dermal technology to assess the 6 layers of your skin and the best intervention to meet your individualized needs.

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